February 22, 2017

Laguna Hotel Wedding, Laguna Beach: Rina & Manuel

two hearts were joined in love! What a beautiful unity it was. Rina & Manuel pronounced there love for each other on the beachfront at the historic Hotel Laguna located next to the towns famous Main Beach. If you’ve never been there before it’s well worth stopping by to have a drink at the OceanView Bar & Grill. The photos that line the walls of the hallway tell the story of Laguna’s days gone by.

Rina and Manuel were very calm and quiet as they readied for their ceremony on the beach.

The day could not have been more perfect as the sun warmed the sand and the wind blew ever so gently.

Bridal portraits were taken while walking over to Main Beach and along the boardwalk.

Then back to Laguna Hotel as we wondered the halls finding amazing light for a little romance.

The newly weds celebrated with their families in the Laguna Room while the sun set in their honor. Happy Anniversary to Rina & Manuel!

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